April 27, 2009

Birthdays Galore!

Brady turned "1

Mia turned "2"

We had so much fun celebrating Mia and Brady's birthdays last week. For 2 days, they shared the same age, until Mia turned 2. It's so hard to believe that another year has passed! I love nothing more than delivering a baby in the hospital, welcoming them to our family, and spending that unique time with them in the hospital. So, celebrating birthdays is also remembering that wondeful experience of bringing them into the world.
We just love watching these little people grow. They are so easy to please, so the simple decorations and cheap gifts were a hit. Some of the highlights were the jumping Tigger for .50 cents at a garage sale, and the Dora basket ball hoop, which was technically FREE!
Yeah for birthdays!


We were so blessed to sell our home very quickly. We first had a contract after just 10 days! Unfortunately that contract fell through, and I became very nervous about how things would turn out. Then just 5 days later, we had another contract. Phewww! It's bitter sweet to have to say good-bye to a great home. We close the end of May and everything seems to be moving along.

The best part about our sale, was that we did it for sale by owner to save on realtor comissions! It was a lot of work on our part, but definitely worth it for the money we saved. We listed on the MLS through through THE REALTY DOT at http://mlsyourway.com/ and now that I've done it once, I will definitely do it again. I was fortunate enough to have friends with knowledge on the whole process and they were a great help. If any of you have to sell you home, consider this option and I'd love to help you out with any questions.