June 28, 2007


We love our little Mia! She began sleeping through the night at 7 1/2 weeks and has been consistently doing it since then. Mommy loves that! During her wake times, she is very happy and we think she has the cutest little gummy smile. She resembles her mom a whole lot, which is very exciting to see since Jonah only seems to carry his dad's genes.

jonah's 2nd birthday

We celebrated Jonah's second birthday a few weeks early because his Grandma and Grandpa Rapp were in town. He was showered with gifts and loves being "2". His favorite part was blowing out the candles, which he frequently tries to reinact. One day, I found him on the kitchen counter, having climbed up there in search of the matches. He actually found them and managed to light one! Luckily, he blew it out, as he had planned, but he did burn his finger. We're just grateful that our house is still standing! Two-year-olds are crazy! Jonah loves golfing more than any other sport. Chris takes him golfing and just pushes him in the stroller. Jonah is in heaven watching his Dad swing at the ball, and always gives off a cute giggle. He's working on his swing everyday.