June 6, 2008

life with 3 kids

Brady is now 6 weeks old, and I'm feeling back to myself--well, as much as you can as a nursing mom who wakes up several times a night. The real test comes in not taking care of Brady, but taking care of all 3 of my adorable, but needy kids at same time. I loved having help for as long as I did (a full 4 weeks!), but the time had to come for me to mother these kids on my own. Chris's school schedule is ideal this summer, and he gets home in the late afternoon with very little work to do once he's home. That definitely helps. So, after 2 weeks on our own, how are we doing? We're actually o-k-a-y! There are crazy moments everyday when all 3 kids are crying, but I'm actually able to get my house cleaned, go for walks, read a book, and spend some quality time with each of my kids. There are some activities that I'm terrified to even try on my own, but maybe I'll get more brave as time goes on. Chris and I joke that my main objective each day is simple: Feed the kids, and Keep them safe.....mainly from each other! Brady is starting to smile now, which is adorable. Jonah and Mia just love him. Everytime Mia spots him she says in her sweet girly voice as she waves her cute little chubby hand, "Hi Di-Di". Jonah is very good about being gentle with Brady and loves reminding me that he is the "Big Brother" and Mommy's "Big Boy Helper". We feel so blessed to have these sweet children in our home.