November 28, 2007

it's a boy!

We got a very definite view that a little boy will be joining our family in April. We are excited to add another boy to the mix, but it will be sad seeing the girls get out-numbered so quickly! Jonah will have such a fun time with a little brother. They will be just under 3 years apart, so I'm sure they will be great friends. Mia will have a brother to protect her on both sides =) I'm still trying to figure out where we're going to fit the new baby in our home, but I think he will share a room with Jonah right off. I have plans to make matching crib bedding to go with Jonah's sporty room, but there's no doubt it will be a tight squeeze. I still remember when I was growing up and 3 of us girls shared a room that barely fit the queen-sized bed. Those were some fun years for me, so I'm sure the boys will enjoy being so close. We're sure excited to meet this little boy soon!