September 12, 2007

feeding mia

I started feeding Mia for the first time last week. She was really "eyeing" our food and anxious to give it a try, so, of course, I made her some oh so yummy rice cereal. Fortunately, she doesn't know what she's missing out on yet. It didn't take her long at all to figure out how the spoon worked. By the second feeding, she was a pro, with audible gulps and all. Now that she's realized that there is more to life the the bottle, she will never be content drinking it while we are eating real food, so I always have to feed her when we're eating dinner. She inherited her Dad's love of food for sure!

September 10, 2007

summer fun

Thanks to our friends who own a very nice home in a great neighborhood with an even greater pool, we spent lots of time swimming this summer. Chris spent most of the summer studying for his National Dental Boards, so we were anxious for the test to be over with and done. On August 15th he took the 8 hour test, and PASSED! Once we got the letter with the good news, we didn't waste anytime and took the kids swimming! It took Jonah just once in the water to decide that he had no fear and he swims on his own with his "water-wings". He does more jumping-in than he does swimming. Mia enjoys the water, but her mom doesn't like to waste the swim diapers for the 3 minutes that she stays in the water. So, she just gets a little dip from time to time. It was a great past time for a very humid climate. Thanks Jones family for the use of your pool!