April 24, 2008

welcoming brady

Brady Joseph Rapp

6 lbs 12 oz

19 inches

Mandi was induced on Monday, April 21st and Brady Joseph Rapp was born at 5:01 pm weighing in at a scrawny 6 lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long. He seems to have a very different look than our other kids, so we're anxious to see who he may resemble as time goes on. Mandi's labor was very comfortable and recovery is going well. Now that we're home from the hospital, it is most difficult caring for the other children as they have missed their mother. Mandi's mom, Janette, has been in town helping with the kids, which has been such a blessing. Mia sure seems to like Janette, which is a major milestone for this "mama's girl". As Janette leaves, Mandi's good friend, Deb, will come help for a week, followed by Chris's parents. We are so thankful for all the help that everyone is offering. Brady is doing really well and we're so excited to have such a little guy in our home again. It's a miracle to watch a child come to your family and we feel most blessed. Jonah is loving his role as an older brother and protector of Brady. He held him and kissed him endlessly in the hospital and even started crying when he had to put him down. Mia is very confused by the whole situation and I'm sure she still doesn't understand who this little guy is who suddenly showed up in our home. She mimics Jonah and gives him kisses as well, but we have to watch her closely since she doesn't quite understand how fragile he is. Thanks for all your love and prayers. We're so thrilled that he arrived safely and Mandi is excited to be done with yet another pregnancy.