May 3, 2008

surviving the storm

We were awakened at 2 am on Friday, May 2nd, to the sound of a freight train passing through our house. The house was shaking and the noise outside was deafening. Chris and I both shot out of bed without even having to say a word--we new there was a tornado, and we just hoped we could get to the basement in time. I had our newborn baby in my arms and I ran to Jonah's room to grab him out of bed. I didn't even have time to get a good hold on him, so he was hanging upside down as I stumbled down the stairs as fast as I could move. Chris was behind me with Mia, and both kids were not happy to be awakened as you can imagine. My best friend, Deb, was in town and we're not sure we can convince her to come back after that night. The storm passed as quickly as it came and the entire neighborhood was using flashlights to survey the damage. The power was out, of course, so as soon as the sun rose, we were able to view the horrific scene. After the trees were cleared from the rodes, we were able to explore the neighborhood. We felt very fortnate that our property was only minorly damaged compared to some of the neighbors. The tornado was classified as an F3, but it was only on the ground for a short while. It struck the hardest about 5 or 6 blocks from our house. Thankfully there were no casualities from this twister. We feel most blessed to have been protected.