January 30, 2009

our new home

The news is finally here! We got a call from the Air Force, and we've been assigned to Scott AFB just outside of St. Louis! We are very excited and have already begun researching the area and possible locations to live. I spoke with a Bishop in the area, and their ward has 3 nurseries and 2 sunbeam classes that are very full. So, it sounds like my children will have lots of playmates. That is very exciting for me. We will also just be an hour from my older sister, Melissa, who has 3 kids just about the same age as mine. And, of course there is a temple in St. Louis. I'm very confident that this is where the Lord feels our family should be. I'm going to miss Kansas City so much, but we're optimistic about this move. Chris will begin working the end of June, so after Chris graduates the first of May, Mandi will have a few months of working full time here in Kansas City until we move. We are going to enjoy our last months here to the fullest and are so grateful for all of the friends we have.

January 18, 2009

selling our home

It's hard to believe that we've been in Kansas City for 4 years! This home was our first, and for that reason alone, it will always hold a special place in our hearts. It's the only home that all 3 of my children have known and it's odd to think that they probably won't remember much about it. I was looking back at the pictures we took before we bought it and I felt a lot of personal satisfaction to see all the improvements we have made upon it. It really has become a special sactuary for us that I love! It will be hard to leave. We put our house on the market and I just wanted to include some pictures for those who may be looking for a purchase or know someone who is. I also wanted to document this home so our children can look back and see where we spent 4 great years as their Dad went through Dental school.