September 15, 2010

school days

Jonah started all day Kindergarten and has loved it thus far. Last year, he attended the pre-school program at the same elementary school, so transitioning to Kindergarten has been a piece of cake! If you ask Jonah what his favorite part of the day, he responds lunch time and recess. Chris laughs, but remembers feeling the same way as a kid. Jonah rides the bus to and from school, and enjoys being big enough to do so. He often reminds his younger siblings, that they aren't big like him. He is very bright and social, but loves his days off too. I miss having my big boy around. He is such a great helper, but I love that he is enjoying growing up.

After watching Jonah go to school for 2 years, Mia was more than anxious to begin her school year. She attended her first day of pre-school this week. We found an adorable little church right next to our home that offers a program with small numbers and lots of heart. It's so exciting to watch these kids, who just a few years ago were in diapers, suddenly seem so big and independent. We haven't had any separation issues, which makes the process a lot easier for Mom, and now I'm getting some more one-on-one time with the younger ones.


Tiff and Dave said...

Wow, they sure are getting big! Doesn't it seem like yesterday when we met in the mother's lounge with Brynlee and Jonah! Crazy!! I can't believe I really haven't met most of your little family! So cute!! Hope all is well!

thepainterfamily said...

Ahhhh, these pictures are so great Mandi! I love it, and I am glad to hear that the transition is smooth...the school and preschool situation sounds just perfect!