October 31, 2007

happy halloween

This year was Jonah's first experience with Trick-or-Treating. He now tells us that "Jonah loves trick-or-treating", but what kid wouldn't? He was very good at "bouncing" just like Tigger's do, so the costume was perfect. Mia was just fun to dress up. I can't take any credit for the adorable costume--it's from my sister Melissa, but she sure looks like a princess in it. She enjoyed watching Jonah trick-or-treat from the stoller and I'm sure she'd love the candy if she got a chance. Jonah caught onto the idea of Halloween really quick and even approached the doors, rang the doorbell and said "twik-o-tweet" all by himself. As parents, it was so fun to watch. Happy Halloween!

October 5, 2007

family photo shoot

Getting a family ready for a photo shoot is stressful! First of all, it took me forever to come up with something we could wear, and stick to some sort of color scheme--How do I match my son with Mia's exclusively purple and pink wardrobe? Then I had to find a shirt that would fit my 11 week pregnant belly--that's a pain! Then of course we had to time the naps and the meals with the setting sun because that's the best time to shoot pictures, I guess. It was extremely humid, so the time I spent curling my hair was a waste, but we were very relieved to see some pictures that turned out. We really had such a fun time at Hodge park last night taking these photos. My friend, Lori Garcia, did a fabulous job. She was so good at keeping the kids' attention and entertaining them too! Jonah earned "marshmallows" from her for smiling in the pictures. We couldn't have asked Mia to cooperate better! It's fun to see pictures of our growing family.