March 24, 2008

happy easter

We had a wonderful Easter at home with an indoor easter egg hunt. It's a little chilly here in Kansas City, and since Easter was especially early in the season, it not quite spring-like weather yet. Jonah and Mia were very entertained by the candy filled eggs--it's hard to not enjoy any holiday that involves candy. Mia loved walking around and finding her eggs, and Jonah was more than happy to find them all for her. We hope you had a wonderful Easter too!

March 15, 2008

crawling, and now walking

Mia started crawling in January, and was attempting to walk by mid-February. Life changes fast, I guess! I thought it might take her a while to move around, since she is rather chunky, but she surprised us and was walking at 10 months. It's so cute to see her round little body waddle around the house and Jonah is very excited that they can now chase eachother. We have to remind him that she still is a baby, even though she's moving around more. She's starting to say a few words, "da-da" for daddy, and "hi". She seems to think that the word for telephone is "hi" because that's what she says every time she sees one. It's so cute!

i'm a big boy now!

Jonah successfully potty-trained last month, and we all have enjoyed having less diapers to change in our household. It took him 2 days to get the hang of going on the potty, and then he just had a few accidents after that throughout the following 2 weeks. He now insists on going "all by my belf!", so he's feeling his independence! His reward was a big boy bike. Chris picked it out, and I was shocked to see that it is fully suspended and wondered what my 2 year-old might be doing on his bike to need front and rear suspensions. Jonah is sure enjoying it and we love seeing him grow-up. Yeah for Jonah!!